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I hear too many people talking about their personal life, and they say its bad, and they always act like you are dumb because you don't know.

Honestly I think people should be moderated for telling everyone personal stuff too much.

If your struggling on Pmc, and you want them to know a little bit of whats going on, I think that should be fine.

I mean, this is PMC, and people saying that their life is horrible and you have nothing to do about it just makes the community feel guilty, sad, and negative, and it brings people lots of unneeded attention.

Its obvious that those members should not just be moderated, but they should have a mod talk to them about what has been happening, and explain why they need to keep this to their-selves and get some help.

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04/08/2019 10:32 am
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Azie covered it well. Members are free to talk about what they feel like talking about with of course some exceptions which we won't talk about :)

We do remove some topics and talk with members when their posts are inappropriate or concerning.
04/07/2019 1:51 pm
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We do moderate this type of content, to a degree. If someone wants to vent appropriately about their life, they are welcome to do so here. However, if they are directly discussing how they want to hurt themselves then it needs to be addressed by our staff and we do directly message these users with resources to guide them on a path to get some help with how they're feeling, as our site and its members aren't equipped to do that.

If you don't want to see someone talk about their personal life, I'd suggest not reading their posts. If their posts are appropriate, don't contain personally identifiable information like full name or address, and do not discuss hurting themselves, then they are welcome to post here.

As someone quite familiar with mental health, talking about it online isn't automatically bad thing. Online communities can provide support and encouragement in tough emotional times IRL and I'm personally glad that there are people in our community who want to talk about their issues in an appropriate way so they can get support from their friends and fellow Minecraft enthusiasts here.

"Don't talk about that because it makes me feel bad" is unfortunately a pretty common sentiment in the world of mental health, but it doesn't mean people should stop talking about it. They should absolutely be encouraged to seek resources to help them professionally, but I don't think we should be holding people struggling with mental health accountable for how their posts make you feel if they're civil and site-appropriate.
04/07/2019 4:21 pm
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Welp thanks for handing that out to me, I did not see or know that yet.

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