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So I'll start off with the problematic.
Basically, recently, some forum threads from one of whom I'm subscribed to started appearing in my personalized feed (on the home page). There are far too many, and they constantly reappear at the top of my feed, in a way that they completely don't allow me to see other's submissions or wall posts, or such, because the feed is filled with threads that keep getting to the top a couple of times per day.

I would love to be able to:

- chose what kind of content I would like to see in my feed (atm it's restricted to categories [​skins, projects, etc...]) but I wouldn't like to block all of forum activity, but would like to see the New threads from people whom I'm subscribed to only.
So let's say an option of [​New only] (for any kind of submission, from resource packs to forum threads),

- block off a certain category for a specific account. For example, if I don't want to see blogs from X person (whom I'm subscribed to) but want to see them from anyone else whom I'm subscribed to, then be able to block Blogs for that X person (supposing that he uploads modding content aswell, and that is what interests me).

I'm sorry for any kind of wrong formulation or other mistakes.

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11/04/2019 4:24 pm
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Curious if the account you're referring to happens to be "PMC". We recently, last month or so, changed the way threads appear in feeds based on their activity rather than creation date. This allows active threads to be even more active.

However, PMC is a special account that everyone is "subscribed" to which in turn gives the threads a lot of publicity by design. A side effect of this change includes keeping very old threads alive such as "how did you find planetminecraft". At first it seemed fine but I do think it can be annoying.

I like your advanced customization idea but for the time being, I've cut off PMC's threads from bumping in our feeds when they are older than 3 months. Does this "solve" your current problem?

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