About LiveTV

What is LiveTV:
Planet Minecraft LiveTV allows on site directors to manage livestreams from multiple sources and broadcast them to the PMC audience. With this page, you can now browse live videos and chat with all your favourite Minecraft pro players, available 24/7!

Use the tabs!
Chat - Chat locally with Planet Minecraft users who are also watching any of the livestreams!
Streams - If you don't like what's on, change the channel! Select a new channel from the list on this tab.
Twitch- Chat directly with the livestreamer you have selected on their own dedicated chat! *

*Twitch chat may require an additional login and an active Twitch.Tv account. Streamer chats have their own rules and moderators, so remember to be polite!

If you host a livestream and would like to have your channel featured here, please post an application in this thread.
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