How be a pvp pro!


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Level 22 : Expert Miner
Way 1 = U kill them!
Way 2 = U say i got the gun mod ahahah then u like how do u get mods again
Way 3 = U get better armor then them
Way 4 = U have pork chops on u

Way 5 = u do /kill ndwinfwendqewjm
Way 6 = u ..... raid there base
Way 7 = U diamond my page
Way 8 = U comment on my blogs
Way 9 = u kill them with a wood sword!

Hey it's me ill be posting more blogs So... comment server u like if u like
to meet me i love comments :) :) any ideas for blogs???

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if you say you have gun mod you would get kicked stupid
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Joke want me to make new one?
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