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  • TotallyNotMe
    March 29, 2017, 2:56 pm to Public
    Which gladly means I might be able to upload a lot more stuff in the upcoming weeks and months :3
  • TotallyNotMe
    March 29, 2017, 2:55 pm to Public
    Looks like I might be getting my graphics card in two days instead of two weeks! :D
  • Fireflower500
    March 29, 2017, 2:47 pm to Public
    rip club penguin you will be missed
  • Podik
    March 29, 2017, 2:39 pm to Public
    welcome to my first profile on Minecraft Forum
  • Loki
    March 29, 2017, 2:35 pm to Public
  • dirtylaundry
    March 29, 2017, 1:58 pm to Public
    i just filmed a video for my visual report and i got so anxious. i started shaking and i kept stuttering. i don't even know why, it was just me njfkd
  • SuperLuigi77
    March 29, 2017, 1:34 pm to Public
    I'm going to copy Vincent_1987 and give him the credit with the princess thing. I'm helping me cousin with a project called Disney Princess and their origins and I was looking for pictures and found this funny pic. Enjoy.

    My computer is packed with these Pocket Princess Pictures when my cousin fell in love with them.
  • SonicSirrus
    March 29, 2017, 1:16 pm to Public
    Alright guys, just had a quite heated debate with @generalfantom this morning and he said my A320 was plagiarized, or at least inspired from his A320 (or at least part of his A320).

    Link to generalfantom's A320

    I'll let y'all be the judge today and give me your opinion on this matter, of whether I plagiarized @generalfantom's A320 or not.

    Here's a comparison pic JordanCO_TV made

    Here's what generalfantom has a problem with

    Here's our conversation

    Let me know your thoughts!
    generalfantom said 2017-03-29 14:37:14
    Thanks for giving your oppinion I will take this into concideration.
    19c said 2017-03-29 14:24:38
    Although both planes look quite similar, doesn't mean it's plagiarized material. There's not much you can do to a plane considering how consistent most of them look. Using inspiration and plagiarizing are two totally different things. If he has an issue with it being plagerized he needs to report it, in which you can dispute it. lol arguing over discord will amount to nothing on his part. Also keep up the Awesome builds!
  • EmperorSalt
    March 29, 2017, 1:07 pm to Public
    CHARLEE417 is scheduled to come back in the next month, which means official RRMC projects will be back on the table.
  • AudioOwl
    March 29, 2017, 1:03 pm to Public
    When you finally find your jam
  • aesbleu
    March 29, 2017, 12:54 pm to Public
    "You can't celebrate April Fools" "Do you know what it means?" "April Fools shouldn't have existed"

    Do you realize how much I love April Fools? When people start pranking each other, making people cry from being so stupid?

    I don't care if I can't celebrate it because of one stupid thing my religion fell for. To be honest: I don't give a damn about religion.

    Yeah, it was unfortunate my religion fell for Israel's prank on April Fools but can you just let that slide?

    Yeah, it probably means we're celebrating our stupidity but like, there's no point in not letting children have fun before they die.

    The Israelis that attacked muslims can go die in a fire (Sorry if there are Israelis subbed to me, I don't mean you, of course. You're amazing)

    To be honest, I feel so salty today and I want to cry because I have no life.

    People are so goddamn stupid. I hate everything being a border for us all to have peace. Opinions are separating us and it hurts.
    Fireflower500 said 2017-03-29 14:21:58
    "there's no point in not letting children have fun before they die" have fun before you die
    i honestly agree
    like i'll still celebrate halloween and april fools day if i want to
    i don't care if it's against my religion
    i want free candy and fun pranks before i die geez
  • aliencereal
    March 29, 2017, 12:26 pm to Public
    my first one :))))))
    Beverly said 2017-03-29 12:30:51
    Congrats! :D
  • kirei
    March 29, 2017, 12:07 pm to Public
    Beverly said 2017-03-29 12:30:37
    Can't get enough. xD
    Welcome to the Monstercat Club. ;3 *shakes hand*
  • kirei
    March 29, 2017, 11:57 am to Public
    rip ebby she done got suspended
  • Esurient
    March 29, 2017, 11:37 am to Public
    Lol peeps on skinseed be accusing me of stealing from PMC even though I post my bases there first then make a skin with them and post them here😂😂😂
  • dirtylaundry
    March 29, 2017, 11:28 am to Public
    dirty laundry is such a beautifully deep and well-written song. if you really listen to the lyrics you can see what alex is trying to say, and it's perfect.
  • aliencereal
    March 29, 2017, 11:26 am to Public
    epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydelläänsäkäänköhän hän toimi?
    :))))) here's some Finnish
    Heartens said 2017-03-29 13:27:10
    Juoksentelisinkohan = I wonder if I should run around aimlessly. I've always found this funny xD
    toujourspur_ said 2017-03-29 12:39:37
    ja ja jag älskar fågel
  • Keeks
    March 29, 2017, 10:26 am to Public
    fam goals
  • XementumU
    March 29, 2017, 10:06 am to Public
    Super Mario 64 ROMhacks are fun!
  • Faithhhh
    March 29, 2017, 10:01 am to Public
    I'm pretty sure the Lovecraft skin contest has the least entries for any skin contest held, lol.
    Vincent _1987 said 2017-03-29 11:33:32
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