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by GPD1234 » 3/20/2012

I am making a hamachi server and I need good admins so fill out this application to see if you are going to become an Admin

IGN(In Game name)-
Have you been Admin before?
Are you good at Building?
Will you be strict when you need to be?
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by Quigybobo » 3/20/2012

Ign Is Quigybobo

I have been an admin before yes. On my torrent sites server but due too inactivity from people no funds available so we took it down.

I am alright at building. I have time to spend making roads and things.

You have to be strict sometimes. If you let up the whole place goes to hell lol. Being friendly is key. I would love to play your server.
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by gbhm346 » 3/20/2012

IGN: gbhm346
Have you been Admin before? Yes on a server that I played on for about six months
Are you good at Building? Yes I'm very good at Pixel Art :D.
Will you be strict when you need to be? Yes on the other server that I'm admin on I am very strict and have never got a complaint :D

I think It would be very fun to be a admin and help new people on your server
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by Pwnagez360 » 3/20/2012

IGN(In Game name)- pwnagez0130
Have you been Admin before: Yes,Infact 4 times and i am familiar with most Plugins and Command's.
Are you good at Building?:Indeed,Especially with worldedit (If you have it.) :D
Will you be strict when you need to be?:Of course.

Please consider this.
Best Regards.

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by Planet_MInecraft_OP » 3/20/2012

IGN(In Game name)- mattonator22
Have you been Admin before? I was an admin twice before owning my own server. It is also a hamachi server. It is even on this list.
Are you good at Building? Very. I am a redstone expert and was even allowed to build for the extremely popular Killion Detention Center. That is a 200 player server that is 100% full all the time.
Will you be strict when you need to be? Yes. I have my own server and know what needs to be done when it comes to strict but fairness. I feel that you can be strict but still be fair and nice when being an admin. I would love to just play on this server even if I don't make the cut of an admin. I love supporting sprouting servers in every way I can. I am a very experienced Minecraft player also. I have played since Alpha, I know how to code Java and C++. I can even do a little bit of Html for websites. I used to be a high school computer teacher until I was laid-off in July of last year. I am currently unemployed and to be honest, I don't mind it at all. It is good to just sit at home playing Minecraft and doing other fun things.
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by JamesoMack » 3/21/2012

IGN: JamesoMack

Admin: I have been an Admin on many servers, and owned a couple.

Building: I am decently good at building houses, as I have owned the biggest houses on many servers.

Strict: If i need to be strict, I will.
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by Trash_cat3000 » 3/21/2012

IGN(In Game name)- Trash_Cat3000
Have you been Admin before?nope but gotta start somewhere!
Are you good at Building?yes!
Will you be strict when you need to be?yeah you cant get anywhere if you dont :)

see you soon
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by TriXmyner » 3/21/2012

IGN is TriXmyner

I have been the admin of a server that was the best in my place and it had very strict rules to become an admin and I was 1 of the 3 admins!

I am really good at building and have a nice imagination! I can build modern houses and put them on sale!

i will definitely be strict when I need to and I can be a tour guide when somebody new starts playing!

I think you should make me an admin and I would love to help people! I am in love with Minecraft and play everyday no matter what

Please make me an admin
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by TriXmyner » 3/21/2012

Oh and what is the network name, network pass, and ip for your server
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