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Level 6 : Apprentice Artist
Norkgvar is here!

Your curiosity has brought you far away from known territories and creatures. It is not your burden to purge these lands from an evil which resides deep within the heart of Norkgvar. Cleanse it from it's corruption to revive the nature of these forgotten islands and witness a beautiful rebirth.

Are you prepared?

Enormous World - Exploration

Unravel the secrets of an "open world" map by venturing to the depths of Norkgvar, torn by time and the sea, surfing the ocean. These lands are for those who seek adventures.
Travel to towns and cities, trade with merchants, define your own game.

Your journey has just begun.

Changing the Story

Change the storyline as your progress through difficult tasks to craft your own path. Open new territories and quests, towns with generous merchants and much more. You decide what the outcome is.


We are planning a countless amount of features from a more user-friendly interaction with NPCs to completely new concepts unique to this world only (should that be true). Keep an eye on our pages to stay updated with the latest information about Norkgvar and experience it for the first time when ready.


Project Page: http://www.skyreaver.net/norkgvar
MinecraftForums WIP Page: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/wip-maps/2780750-skyreaver-norkgvar
Progress: 45% Complete
Tags:PvE, Map, Adventure, Exploration, Skyreaver, Challenge

Update #9 : 01/16/2017 11:59:58 am1/16/17

* Set appropriate biomes for all regions
* Changed caves properties for different biomes to have their own, unique style
* Changed density properties of objects in snowy areas
* Changed pathway caves properties to fit the terrain with minor height adjustment to local land levels
* Set different road stamps for different biomes to fit their nature. To be added within implementation of world objects.
* Added new rivers and extended existing ones for a larger scale area separation lines.

* Added "Kurgan Island"
* Added "Blooming Island"

* Added "Dried Depths"
* Added "Asure Plateau"
* Added "Windsong Pass"

Exporting second iteration of the world, will update with physical size archived and not archived.

Update #8 : 01/15/2017 12:47:31 pm1/15/17

* Added mountains and an arch (as an open gate) at the spawn
* Added more hills and cliff-ish bumps to base level (h_35-h_60)
* Added mountain caves around "Highlands", "Scorched Isle" and "The Fjords":
w_map_dungeon_plains_mountain (h_50-h_120)
w_map_dungeon_snow_mountain (h_40-h_80)
w_map_dungeon_mesa_mountain (h_50-h_100)
w_map_dungeon_desert_mountain (h_50-h_100)

All have different roughness level and variation, so they shouldn't be as similar (hopefully).
One of these caves (AKA dungeons) will feature an underground town with quests and the like, the others are going to be of secret purpose which you'll discover in-game. The entrances are quite difficult to spot unless you're looking for it, so it should be pretty fun.

Update #7 : 01/14/2017 3:26:34 pm1/14/17

* Improved terrain flat pockets
* Improved small hills cliffs coloring
* Removed The Nether

* Added "Asure Valley"
* Added "Highlands Peaks"
* Added "Scorched Isle"

Update #6 : 01/14/2017 12:03:05 pm1/14/17

Uploaded a few images from a couple of areas around the map. The Fjords and the Asure Valley in particular.

Update #5 : 01/14/2017 8:57:17 am1/14/17

Finished landscaping. Physical size is ~1.8GB. Continents are quite far away from each other, and so traveling from one to another will only be doable by using a zeppelin or a ship.We've improved the surface of the terrain and added trees and other neat stuff to make it less "bald" or empty. We'll populate areas with camps, forts and cities once we're happy with how the map looks. Trails and roads will lead to camps, cities, etc., and to "random" quest givers.As of now there are no dungeons or raids, but we'll add those as soon as we populate the world.
Light issues may occur in certain snowy regions, it's just that ugly export that happens and nothing to do about it, unless I'm missing something. :(
Since I started writing this post, layers density increased for a more full forest. Will update with images soon enough.

Update #4 : 01/12/2017 3:34:19 pm1/12/17

We've finished trying file merging and it didn't succeed and we are therefore forced to finish the map entirely before it's release. The estimated size is 2.34GB uncompressed.

Speaking of the which, we've built a skeleton for one of the continents and landscaping should be done tomorrow, with the second continent joining the party soon after.
The third and the fourth (last) will be ready by Friday evening or Saturday (hopefully), and next week we'll start re-applying quests and pre-made locations.

We will be also preparing a Wiki page to host more profound explanations on specific features. For instance - enchanting items through Crafting Table. It'll require specific resources and since it's not the only idea we're into doing, there has to be some sort of info about this stuff. We'll be hosting craft specific pages on our website as well.

Update #3 : 01/11/2017 12:21:52 pm1/11/17

* Resized Overworld from 2500x2500 to 10240x10240
* Added The Nether - 4096x4096

* Added "Highlands"
* Added "Fjords"

Overworld - will contain the majority of the content, be it quests, scenarios, dungeons, etc..
The Nether - an area available to players after completing the main storyline. It is the prime example we talked earlier about quests colliding, leading to one connected story. Two storylines will lead to the discovery of The Nether. Still thinking which limitations will impede players from accessing the zone besides the main storyline.

Work is being done to turn this map into more multiplayer friendly and progress rewarding. Entertainment is by far the most valuable interest we're striving to, but the size of the map virtually has been changed due to difficulties on our end, and the physical size may play a role in accessibility and so we are working on a solution.
Right now we're looking into merging worlds locally, so you'd be able to download pieces of this giant world and "add" them as if it was an update, should we succeed. If not, then this might end up as a torrent-able link as well.
If we're to fail with merging world parts, we'll move by the philosophy of finishing the world completely (with all the content) and then release it, so you'll have to download it only once. That though means there will be no updates to the map unless those are bug fixes you'll HAVE to implement LOCALLY.
Let's just pray our ideas don't fail... :3
P.S. I'll add a picture of the map when landscape is complete

Update #2 : 01/09/2017 12:47:28 pm1/09/17

* Added 1 storyline quest
* Added 1 secondary storyline quest
Reworked how objectives are handled.

* Added "Volgrund's Shrine" as a part of a storyline quest

* Added monologues for Volgrund (Unknown Spirit) and Bordin (Town Priest)
Improved timing between texts

Starting a storyline quest will now play a sound. All storyline quests will have an ending an a relevant notification, except the first one - "Speak to Bordin"

Update #1 : 01/07/2017 10:05:42 am1/07/17

* Added mini dungeon near the Starting Camp

* Added 4 starting zone quests
* Added 2 storyline quests

* Added a village - Altshire:
* Added 2 storyline quest givers
* Added 3 villager merchants
* Added 4 "guards" and 2 "citizens"

* Added "Starting Book" - includes brief explanation about the world and "enchanted books" (such as Book of Fast Travel).
* Added Book of Fast Travel - allows players to teleport between towns they've already visited
* Added Book of Restoration - allows players to summon their horse, if lost. Available only after acquiring a horse from the Stables in Altshire.

* Added monologues for Kromog - Starting Camp
* Added monologues for merchants, citizens and guards - Altshire

* Added monologues for all existing quest givers with texts relevant to the current quest

Start of a storyline quest will be displayed on screen. Quests of high importance will be displayed in "gold".
Entering and exiting dungeons is done by approaching a wall of black wool. Direction (if otherwise planned unclear) will be marked with red wool.
Entering into or exiting out of a city will be displayed above the player's action bar.

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