Top Minecraft Adventure [1.01]

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Level 29 : Expert Archer

Server Info : RID 383605

Status: Offline Pinged: 11/10/12
Game Version:Minecraft 1.0
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Top Minecraft is an experience, like no other.

This is our Adventure server that is near SMP vanilla, with just a few plugins, to prevent griefing and add some levels of depth to the gameplay.

+Server Features+

-Server is now Minecraft 1.0!

-24/7 Dedicated Server

-1000 megabit/s connection

-Powerful specs

-99.98% server uptime

-Zero Lag

-Located in the United States!

-100 Slot

-Friendly community

-World map at our website -- updated hourly.

-Auto protection, so griefers cannot destroy your work!

-Griefer report and detection system

-Ranking up/skill system!

-Open PVP worlds!

-Nether world and nether portals!

-Admins and moderators always on servers

-Zero tolerance policy for griefers

-Large world

-Full backups of world every hour, and stored off site.

-We have our own forum!

-More info at

Join the fun today!

Additional Notes

Top Minecraft's Adventure server is a survival server, like no other. Where it is because of their ant-griefing features or if it is because of their RPG system, you are guaranteed a fun time.
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hey ive been looking forward to this server going back up or updating. i was wondering if this server is done for or if its going to be updated or there is another server that is very similar.

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