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Mr Sodbusteroni,

It must be hard out there in the wild west, with only your
slapjacks to sustain you. I admire your audacity, if not your treatment of
your neighbors, the native americans. What is in a SlapJack®, by
chance? I understand that a typical pancake, which is what I assume is
the sustenance that thy is mentioning, unless you have some sort of new
proto-meta puncake that is made of separate ingredients from the IJS
standard, (International Jack Standard). Also, the common domesticated
Pancake®, is preferable as the wild bred FlapJack®, is a much more
vicious breed of pastry, which is a relative the rumors state, of the Wild
SlapJack®. And off of that tangent, wishing obesity on your wife seems to
be rather cruel. Why on earth, would you want your wife to be Obese?
After all, people can get serious health conditions from obesity such as
diabetes and death. I would recommend that if you or your family is
getting obese, that you might take the Fitnessgram Pacer Test, which is a
multistage aerobic capacity test. It is a true savior in the world of fitness
and I would recommend it for you and viable family members.

Thank You for your time,

-Rigatoni Face
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