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Minecraft: EpicQuestz

Hi everyone!

Heres a few questions I get asked all the time,

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Are you a team?

Yes, but not originally. To begin with EpicQuestz started as a place where a friend and I uploaded some of our cool projects. I guess that was still a team, but it was only 2 people.

What was the first team project?

Can I apply to join?

Yes, please note we only accept people who want to help build and show some creative potential.
If you want to see what we are currently working on you can subscribe to our youtube channel :D as we make weekly updates. Alternatively you can wait for the project to be released.

How comes you only make LOTR and Hobbit maps?

Originally we made maps from different movies, but when we uploaded Minas Tirith and it became so popular, we decided to stick with just Lord of the Rings.

Can I see your old maps?

Most of them have been deleted, as they weren't that good. I still have them saved but I don't feel comfortable showing them to people. Think of it as showing people a really old baby photo. Honestly, they weren't very good :P

Do you take map requests?

No, but we will take suggestions. No I wont build you a spawn, no I don't build for money. However you are welcome to use any of our maps for whatever you like, as long as you give credit :)

Who are the main members of EpicQuestz?

EpicQuestz has 3 main members, Lockrules, Sjoerdtim and Only_God. The team was started by Lockrules, but it's the many builders who make this team. Without them we wouldn't be able to create such amazing projects.

full list http://epicquestz.com/builders
Whats your connection with the EmpireWar server?

EpicQuestz and EmpireWar are seperate. However because Sjoerdtim is the founder and owner of the server, and most of the build team are very active members on his server, so there is a very close tie between the two.

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