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    About us: We are OneTeam Production building team.
    Our members are from all sides of the world.
    We dont judge each others and we trying to be
    better as team and friends.
    What we do: We creating originaly minecraft maps.
    We first write the story,then we crate texture pack
    and then builders and commandblockers use
    they magic to bring story alive.
    What our maps contains: We trying to make maps
    to look less minecraft.We want our maps looks like
    originaly games, to be atmospehyc,to contains
    intresting story,characters to talk,alot virtual and
    sound effects and cool mechanisms.
    Our Goals:
    1.) reach 10.000 downloads
    2.) reach 100 diamonds
    3.) reach 1.000 000 downloads
    4.) Be in top 10 buildteams in leadboard
    5.) reach 50.000 subcribes
    6.) Make succesfull server
    7.) Be popular buildteam
    8.) Be in top 3 buildteams in minecraft
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