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The LOLs
Hello my name is Thunderscott or Thunder for short. I am a skinner, blogger, and project maker. That is all you will see on my account so, if you're in to that I am the perfect person to subscribe to.

I enjoy:
Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin and proud of it!)
Minecraft (Derp)
Animals (Although I like Wolves, snakes, cats, dogs, and Narwhals)(if you like narwhals check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8vV1QkKgeI (It is not the "Narwhals song") )
star wars
Calvin and Hobbes
and The youtube Channel Supercarlinbrothers.

I will not tolerate:
mean comments
curse words of any kind

I also would not like private messages. If you need to tell me something just comment on one of my submissions

all photos below are NOT made by me. Only one was made by me

Random Funny Meme
Made by EliTeenDolphin
Yoda Photos

Calvin and Hobbes

This is for all Slytherins out there:
Slytherin Photos (With funny captions)
Image result for slytherin wolfI'm cute. Don't cross me!
Image result for slytherins are not responsible for other houses stupidity

Image result for slytherin catsand I know it
Pokemon Photos (With funny captions)
Image result for animated cat gif with no copyrightsNo! Ur not gonna catch me!!!

Image result for animated baby umbreon gif I WOVE you

Image result for animated baby umbreon gifCome here!!

Image result for animated digimon gif What? No ur lying.

Cat/ Dog Photos (With funny captions)
Rub my tummy please

Image result for animated kittens gif FFEEEED me!!!!!

Image result for animated slytherin kittens gif no trademark Oh the LOLs

Cat taking the ride of his life.

Image result for animated cat and dog gif Ur my freind

Image result for animated secret life of pets gif AHHHH!

Image result for animated wolf gif Mysterious as the night.

Image result for animated dog running gif Outta my way!!!
As long as you see this I'm okay if you don't see any of the other pictures:

The Most Important Message
People I Support (Who Have Support Stamps)
My Support Stamp
Made by the one the only MigliX <break>

Just because we don't know where were going doesn't mean we can't go there.
-Luna Lovegood

So what? If I can then I can and if I can't then I can't.

What the heck? I'll take it

When you're moments between life and death, when you think you're about to die you don't stop and think. You do. You just DO.
-Harry Potter

Awesome People...