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Minecraft: Vokeez2

Short story about how it all started.

Hello everyone who reads this topic. I am an ordinary provincial guy who has enough free time and spend it on developing mods for games minecraft.

In 2011-2012 I first learned about this wonderful game. The first time for me was big mystery game and it was very interesting. After i lost interest in the game for half a year. However, I went back and started to play with mods. I've been experimenting with modes: change textures, sounds, and more. And over time, i learned about the book and began to create mods with it. (To this pushed me closing my favorite mods.) I wrote my first mod and he was miserable :) From day to day I was able to get better and to 27.4.2014 in the head I had the idea of creating a mod called the LAST DAYS.

If you want to suppot me you can make donation

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