Crafty Minecraft Controller 1.2.9-Stable

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Level 12 : Journeyman Modder

Crafty Minecraft Controller is a 100% Open Source (and free) server control webapp for your Bukkit server.
It can do the following:

  • Change all options in your server.properties
  • Ability to run any jar file as the server (support for bukkit, vanilla, FTB etc)
  • Custom Auto-Update URL's and Support for minecraft vanilla to Auto-Download and install the server
  • Start/stop/restart the server
  • OP/deOP/ban/unban/kick players
  • View server log
  • Send custom commands to the server
  • Backup your server to your disk
  • Create users and user levels,
  • and more!

Current Version: 1.2.9-Stable - Features / Fixes Info here
Dev Version Info: 1-3-0 Info here - NEW BETA RELEASE!

Installation Instructions are here

Our Website is Here
Follow the devs on twitter @craftycontrol
Feel free to email the devs here for any support or issues you may have.
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5
Tags:Server, Configure, Control, PHP, Linux
Credit:ptarrant 1001zippy

Update #11 : 04/16/2013 8:44:53 am4/16/13

Added Information about New Beta Release (1.3.0)

Update #10 : 02/18/2013 6:24:20 pm2/18/13

Updated new .zip which includes the system folder.

Apparently our previous push didn't work correctly, so here are ALL the files you need.

Sorry about that. :/

Update #9 : 02/07/2013 2:05:43 pm2/07/13

Added 1-2-9-Stable to dowloads.
Attempting to update desc...but Planetminecraft is being slow and not saving 1/2 the time.

Update #8 : 02/01/2013 4:11:58 am2/01/13

1.2.9 - Alpha - Build 3 has been released as a "dev" build.
You can download it here

Update #7 : 01/23/2013 12:31:09 pm1/23/13

1.2.9 - Alpha - build 1 has been released as a "dev" build.

Update #6 : 01/20/2013 12:31:05 am1/20/13

Added 1.2.9 Info

Update #5 : 01/18/2013 11:51:53 am1/18/13

Added 1.2.8 RC Info and Screenshots.

Update #4 : 01/16/2013 10:59:52 am1/16/13

Added CMC-Win Release Info

Update #3 : 01/16/2013 4:06:25 am1/16/13

Added windows version information

Update #2 : 01/14/2013 2:27:16 pm1/14/13

Posted info on 1.2.8 Beta

Update #1 : 01/11/2013 11:56:52 pm1/11/13

Updated with 1.2.8 Information including a download link should people want to run the alpha (which runs great on my testing server)

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Level 12
Journeyman Modder
April 15, 2013, 10:40 am

Just FYI - I am rebuilding some of the framework so this software will have a working menu when viewing on a phone or tablet.

Level 12
Journeyman Modder
April 3, 2013, 4:49 am

Development for this software is done...I may update here and there later, but for now, it does all I need it to do and I'm happy with it.

If anyone wants to take the lead on this contact me.

Level 12
Journeyman Modder
February 7, 2013, 7:24 pm

Please Email the Devs with issues as our forums are getting spammed, and will soon be removed.

Level 12
Journeyman Modder
January 15, 2013, 2:27 am

Your the second who asked for a windows dev. ([size=12px][color=rgb(51,102,204)]tallsan[/color][/size] being the other)
[size=10pt]This at least me got me thinking about it.

There are a number of limitations on getting it to work with windows, that said, I have some ideas on how to get around them. It might require a rebuild of how the pages interact with the system, but it's theoretically possible.

Dedicating that much time to it at the moment isn't possible. Let us get 1.2.8 stable and perhaps we can start working on a windows version.[/size]

Level 38
Artisan Modder
January 14, 2013, 2:45 pm

Neat. I can't believe that this has 3 diamonds, and the seventh ore mod I've seen today has 300. It's too bad that it only runs on linux. Ill diamond anyway I suppose.

Level 12
Journeyman Modder
January 14, 2013, 9:26 am

Posted info on 1.2.8-Beta

Level 12
Journeyman Modder
January 12, 2013, 8:11 am

I do :)

but seriously, I may be able to make it work on Windows one day. Just alot of issues with cross compatibility and i may end up having to have 2 different builds...you are the first person to actually suggest a windows build so we shall see

Level 38
Artisan Modder
January 14, 2013, 2:46 pm

Yeah. A windows build would help... Most people don't use linux. I have it in a virtual machine, but, hell. Most people don't even know what Linux IS.

Level 20
Expert Toast
January 12, 2013, 4:42 am

who makes something linux only?

Level 12
Journeyman Modder
January 8, 2013, 11:14 am

Thank you!
We have worked very hard on it. This will be 100% when we decide to make 1.2.7 stable.
1.2.8 is currently a dev buld and, while it works great for me, could have lots of errors.

Level 41
Master Modder
January 8, 2013, 11:09 am

iv seen stuff like this but ur is good and diffreny

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