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Under the Rainbow

Master Community

🏳️‍🌈 A small group for queer people 🏳️‍⚧️

3 days to Pride Month!

270 Followers 6.6k Views 148 Members

PMC Artist Community

New Community

A place to share and find the amazing artists of PMC!

Especially Creative Community Fansite!

260 Followers 8.9k Views 97 Members


Expert League

PBL is an elaborate skinning competition featuring weekly rounds with uniquely made palettes.

Welcome to Week 3, deadline is the 29th of May 11:59 pm UTC

205 Followers 12.8k Views 59 Members

PMC Prom 2022


An Annual Prom Dedicated to the PMC Community!


156 Followers 5.3k Views 21 Members


Expert Club

Fun, Friends, & Free Frogs

Join the FFFF today!

125 Followers 5.8k Views 72 Members


Apprentice Group

A group all about sharing ideas for skin creators to use as inspiration!

Share your skin ideas in our guestbook!

137 Followers 3.3k Views 19 Members

Texturing 101

Journeyman Collective

A group for texturers and artists to come together: to teach, learn, and share

Your one-stop creation shop

114 Followers 3.3k Views 28 Members


New Group

Learn about community group creation, management and collaborative possibilities!

They start with an idea

112 Followers 3k Views 1 Members

The Friend Group

New Community

"community operated profile" aka cop

gang gang

88 Followers 3.2k Views 73 Members

Shady Skinners

Journeyman Fellowship

We have Skinners a plenty! Come join us.

Join us! 😄

87 Followers 3.5k Views 38 Members

PMC Historical Society


A collective of fans and creators of historical minecraft content & roleplay!

Historical Minecraft Content

87 Followers 1.8k Views 101 Members

Skinner Hotline

New Network

A place for everything skins, art, and builds.

Skinner Hotline

84 Followers 1.9k Views 40 Members

The PMC Dogs

Journeyman Club

A group for all PMC dog lovers!

Howling in Harmony

65 Followers 2.9k Views 57 Members


Journeyman Clan



65 Followers 3k Views 30 Members

Daily Datapackers

Apprentice Team

We are here to help people with datapacks and to provide fun datapacks to play!

Datapacking: Noun, from Latin origin; to create, form, or to make a Datapack. See ‘Datapack’, page 88

66 Followers 2.7k Views 28 Members

Russian Mafia

Journeyman Organization

Эй, дружок-пирожок, ты ошибся дверью. Клуб кожевенного ремесла два блока вниз

Ну здорова, отец

34 Followers 5.1k Views 40 Members

Zappy's Pixel Pals

Apprentice Team

We make lots of art, events, and other unique creations.

Welcome to the future!

67 Followers 1.8k Views 32 Members

The illager clan

Artisan Clan

People who LOVE illagers, and think that they should add more illagers to minecraft.

Welcome fellow illager lovers!

49 Followers 3.1k Views 41 Members

Bird Fans Club

Expert Club

For those who love birds

🦉Let's get into nature🐦

51 Followers 3.4k Views 19 Members

PMC Cats

New Clan

The Group for Crazy Cat people on PMC

The Ultimate Cat Pros

58 Followers 2.4k Views 35 Members

Happy Hearts

Apprentice Community

A group for spreading happiness and love in the community <3

Make happiness a priority ♡

66 Followers 1.6k Views 31 Members


New Community

A fun Minecraft Java SMP. You can chill and make new friends, or build a Kingdom and sell goods.

Please consider reading the most recent wall post.

57 Followers 2k Views 24 Members


Journeyman Team

Team Toad To Thee, A KnockOff Of The FFFF

You don’t like to see people buying Toad Legs so who’s the real winner?

47 Followers 2.1k Views 32 Members

The Union Of Mythicals

Apprentice Community

This is the official group of all the mythicals on PMC

We're all officials!

46 Followers 2.1k Views 32 Members

Story Writers

Journeyman Team

Words are power, words are feelings, words are love, words are everything...

Nothing is impossible

45 Followers 2.2k Views 27 Members

Builders Home

New Community

Share your creations, get inspired and team up with fellow builders!
49 Followers 1.6k Views 29 Members

Furries of Minecraft

Journeyman Community

This is a place for furry Minecrafters to talk, post submissions, post art, and have fun!

All Furries Welcome to Join :D

36 Followers 2.6k Views 30 Members

Bedrock content creators

Artisan Community

A group where all bedrock edition content creators like map , add-on , come together and help each other to make new bedrock content .

Minecraft gamers

37 Followers 2.2k Views 8 Members

Writer's Group

Apprentice Club

A group for writers of any level!

"If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that." ~ Stephen King

39 Followers 1.7k Views 20 Members

Skin Fight


Skin Fight is an annual fan-skin event held every June

Sign-ups opening soon!

55 Followers 333 Views 7 Members

Bedrock Pack makers

New Collective

Group for Minecraft bedrock Pack Makers
35 Followers 1.8k Views 21 Members

Fantasy Niche

Apprentice Guild

Bringing together creators that love all things fantasy!

There's magic in the air!

41 Followers 902 Views 32 Members

The Terraforming Guild

New Guild

A community of terraformers and landscape artists.
37 Followers 1.6k Views 17 Members

Pal-entines Day Community

Apprentice Community

The page for everything relating to the annual Pal-entine's Day Event!

More Hidden Gems coming soon!

40 Followers 1.5k Views 5 Members

Binjais Group

Journeyman Club

Well, it's Binjai's group!

we/our | Happy Eid Mubarak

35 Followers 1.6k Views 19 Members


Journeyman Community

Do you like to create content for Minecraft? This group is for you!


33 Followers 1.7k Views 18 Members

Top Notch

Artisan Team

Providing free Minecraft skin packs!
28 Followers 1.4k Views 28 Members

The PMC D&D Campaign

Apprentice Guild

A corner of PMC where we share our D&D ideas

*rolls for initiative*

30 Followers 1.7k Views 13 Members


New Club

For fans of Allergy_Man
32 Followers 1.6k Views 7 Members

WaffleBear Enthusiasts

Apprentice Order

A meeting place for esteemed WaffleBear Enthusiasts. The Moltenoni fanclub is next door.

We cannot spell massasachustesets

32 Followers 1.3k Views 8 Members

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