[FUN] Clay Soldiers Mod V1.0 (1.5.2) (OVER 1600 DOWNLOADS) (4 NEW ARENAS)

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Level 28 : Expert Spleefer
Do you like this map? Wanna give me a diamond so that the clay soldiers can be powerful?

This isn't just any Clay Soldiers Arena, this is a GIANT complex of different themed arenas and all combined into one map. These arenas are all helped with redstone, and the games are always repeatable. Play with friends over and over again!

NEW VERSION IS OUT FOR DOWNLOAD! CLICK LINK HERE AND GO TO THE FORUM PAGE! (This page will stop updating but the Minecraft Forums page will continue to update. So go check that one out!)

-Need the Clay Soldiers Mod by SanAndreasP? Heres the link

  • IMPORTANT: This is a modded map so if you enter the map without the mod, it will already be detroyed. Make sure to have it installed.
  • Command Blocks must be ON, the whole map if filled with them and will be impossible to get to one area from another.
  • Do not use Gold or Gunpowder for that it is not the best to use. (Use diamond instead of gold)
  • Read the rest of the info on the download map



Any questions, comments or bugs, please put into the comment section. Thank You!
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