Modern Apartment Complex

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Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Modern Apartment Complex by Trigasmi

  • Big and Modern Apartments
  • Max high
  • A Beach
Future updates:
  • A Bar
  • More wood inside
  • A shop (maybe)
This is the Modern Apartment Complex I have build. I made it much bigger than I thought and I think it turned out well. You are allowed to use it on your server but you have to give credits to me. Feel free to make a Video about this. I will link the best one in the description. You have to give the credits to me, too (Link to my Youtube and link to this post). Please Download my Texture Pack, too, because it matches perfect with this project and I will make it even better. If you like this project, please give me a Diamond. It would make the next update come even faster.

Additional Notes

Looks better with this Texture Pack

Progress: 95% Complete
Tags:Complex, Trigasmi, Modern, Apartment, Hotel, Minecraft, Notch, Mojang

Update #8 : 04/21/2012 11:57:44 am4/21/12

Finished the indoor decoration today. I have only some fixes to do.

Update #7 : 04/18/2012 2:33:29 pm4/18/12

I added now indoor decoration for the first level. The next ones will follow soon.

Update #6 : 03/10/2012 10:09:43 am3/10/12

I added 2 Screenshots so you can see the apartments better.

Update #5 : 03/09/2012 4:06:12 pm3/09/12

I just added the Texture Pack Link

Update #4 : 03/07/2012 2:14:41 pm3/07/12

I added stairs now. I will work now on a Texture pack only for this. Also I added a download link

Update #3 : 03/06/2012 1:27:31 pm3/06/12

As I said I made it much bigger. It has now 16, not 12 apartments each 2 levels and it is now 48 levels high. There is still a hole in the middle and the Apartments are empty. I'll have to work a few more days on this

Update #2 : 03/06/2012 7:32:27 am3/06/12

I decited to make just one building, but I will make it much bigger. Also I will Add a beach and some mountains to make it look like a beach hotel. I will update this today

Update #1 : 03/05/2012 3:01:04 pm3/05/12

I've finished the outside of the first house. I will only change the roof because it doesn't look very well now. On each 2 level are now 8, not 6 apartment like I first wantet to build. I think it looks pretty cool.

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Is it ok to use this as a Mob Arena in our server? We will give you full credit!
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  • BeystormSoul1
  • Level 43
  • Master Architect
  • March 10, 2012, 5:23 am
Diamond for you!
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  • BeystormSoul1
  • Level 43
  • Master Architect
  • March 10, 2012, 5:23 am
Looks really cool!
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  • Appo24
  • Level 40
  • Master Architect
  • March 9, 2012, 11:18 am
Looks amazing! Diamond for you
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  • Furry
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Network
  • March 8, 2012, 1:57 pm
May i review this on youtube? You get full cred.

My utube :)
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  • rty199
  • Level 33
  • Artisan Architect
  • March 7, 2012, 9:39 am
Nice work, try use Misa's 64x64 texture pack. I think it would look eeeepic when u use it. (:

1 + diamond. (:
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  • ShanGod924
  • Level 28
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • March 5, 2012, 10:03 am
Very nice keep up the good work :)
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  • toppers101
  • Level 46
  • Master Architect
  • March 4, 2012, 8:58 am
Thats awesome :)
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Looks pretty nice dude!
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