[W.I.P.] Deep in Dungeon - 1.11.2 Roguelike Map (DEMO)

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Level 25 : Expert Engineer
Deep in Dungeon
Deep in Dungeon is my newest project - roguelike map in vanilla 1.11 Minecraft.
Every time you play dungeon is randomly generated, every run is unique, and death is permanent.
HP is hard to restore, dungeon rooms full of deadly monsters and you have only your trusty old sword.

For now there is only a demo version: one floor, 3 bosses and 11 items.

In futher updates I'll add more items, rooms, floors, bosses, even soundtrack and lot more.

Soo, shall you descend into dungeon?

I tottaly forgot to mention it - you have to hold shift to pick up hearts and gold!

Progress: 15% Complete
Tags:Roguelike, Dungeon, 1112, MrKisiel, Deep, WIP, Demo, Randomly, Generated, Challenge, Adventure
Credit:Bialy123, testnickname, kapi440, Hevbis

Update #1 : 05/22/2017 11:05:56 am5/22/17

New stuff:
- New boss: Mad constructor
- 3 new items
- 2 new rooms
- Textures for shop and boss block

- Some changes in rooms
- Slime Core have now a bit more HP
- Item info is now showed by /title command
- Initial HP reduced to 3 hearts

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