CraCked MIneCRAFt SurViVAl GAmEs :D


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Level 17 : Journeyman Hunter
Next MONDAY I will be hosting my first ever survival games PvP match (hunger games).
Q:"how will i be able to join such an awesome event?"
A: just pm me EVERY WEEK About your minecraft life and I will see if your good enough for the play...

Q:"What is the Hamachi Name and Password?"
A: If i like what i see in the messege you sent me then i will pm you back the username, ip, and password...

Q:"How many people will i have to kill to win?"
A: 3 Since i dont have the payed version of hamachi and i can not hold more the 5 people to a server i will hold three a week end round 1 friday round 2 saturday round 3 sunday and finals on monday

If you have anymore questions then comment and ill be sure to get back to you :D
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