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    I'm Laurenangels. Bow Bullet : Pink by Syumi

    American | Female | 15 | Aquarius
    Bisexual | Atheist

    People like to call me Looren, though.

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    Nooii |
    Edoon | Kevoon
    Witchoo | Aevloo | Joozzy
    Ambioonce | Moochl
    Loollaby |
    stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudiosstars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios
    Links // Stamp

    Skindex | Youtube | Discord | Insta | Deviant

    Fan Art // Fan Skins

    My OC's
    Come hug me!

    Little Cutie Bunny by Ennyri

    I have a Skin Seed under the name of "Laurenangels"

    Skype - Batman.mcgee (Skyrim, Bikini Bottom)

    Steam - Laurenangels

    If you add me on either Skype or Steam, please tell me your user on PMC.

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    New! (I prefer that this is used only)

    The Memestars

    We're like the lame skinning not dead version of Team Crafted



    A S H E

    Request: Ihavethedreamersdise Avatar by apparate

    ITS TIME TO STOP by toff-u

    My Minecraft account usernames are YandereChan, Laurenangels, and PringlesChipsCan.

    If you want to find me on a Minecraft server, you'll mainly find me on Hypixel, The Hive, or Mineplex.
    I may not respond to every comment I get, but I read them all.
    If you want to use any of my skins for a YouTube skit, or role play, you have permission to.
    Also you may message me about anything you'd like to, I'd be happy to respond.
    If you make fan art or a fan skin for me, please send it. I can't guarantee I'll see it just by upload.
    Don't steal my profile description please lmao make ur own sad i gotta ask that

    I sit on toilets aggressively.

    Things I'm a fan of in case you want to be #relatable or something

    Pentatonix, Spongebob, Cupcakke, Bo Burnham, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Filthy Frank, Idubbbz, Good Mythical Morning, Madoka Magica, ThatPoppy, and a few other things including Youtubers and video games.

    I also really like offensive jokes/memes. Pretty much everything can be a joke to me.

    Thank you for visiting!
    Please check out the people below

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    oh no

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