My Club Penguin SKIN!!! (Penguin#:2)

Level 17 : Journeyman Warrior
Huh?? I did not make it??

People who are looking in this description I did not make the idea of this PURPLE penguin!

I will give Credit to the person who said this penguin!

It was... *Drumroll*


Thanks dude!

Press that link!

Or is it a link?

Idk but lets move on!

As you all know I will give credit to people who got an new idea for the peguin colour!

I will make it a contest!

  • I am the person who makes the skins so I will choose if its good!
  • If people said a colour that everyone is saying the first person gets to get the credit!
  • White is NOT a good colour we are using!

  • Have fun!

  • Having fun? -_-

  • I am stuck here

Ok back to normal!
So where was I?
Oh yes I will now reward the person who has said for this! =)
and thats all dudes!
And good-bye (Like my new avatar? Then download my penguins^^)!

All penguins look better in 3D
Progress: 100% Complete
Format:Universal Skin 64x32
Model:Steve (4 pixel arms)

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People who are looking at this note...

If you like me to do more of these skins, guess what?!

I am posting some of my old ones!! =D!!

These are HOMEMADE!!

So please don't worry about if YOU made that skin already!

And post your ideas of a skin (NOT ON ANY OF THE PENGUIN SKINS POSTS!!) on any skin posts!

Hey evilcake567!

I have made a contest and YOU are the winner!!

Prize: Credit!! =D

Hope you enjoy your Prize!!!

Dear evilcake567,

Its been a long time since I talked with you...

So want to enter again?

Or want to just win the contest?
probaly enter I am really busy now
Sure Sure....

I have two messages now so ok!

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