How to find and get more diamonds!


The stair case mine

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Level 9 : Apprentice Blacksmith
Diamonds. The prize jewel of Minecraft! Here are some tips and steps on how to find and get more diamonds!
1. Make sure to dig between Layers 1-16, That is where diamonds spawn!
2.A fortune enchanted pickaxe will give you more than just one diamond per diamond ore!
3.Diamonds do NOT spawn more near lava! Don't spend all your time mining around and dodging lava!
4.Do NOT mine straight down on a diamond ore block! Chances are that you will fall into lava!
Way to mine!
Stair Case Mine(My favorite)
Picture shown above!
1.Reach the bottom quickly
2.Very fast to make
3.Can see lava before you fall into it
Steps to finding more diamonds:
1.Make a stair case mine to layer 7(My favorite layer)Press F3 to check your level
2.Branch out on your left and your right 25 blocks
3.Go down to layer 4
4.Branch out on your left and your right 25 blocks
5.If still no diamonds make a new mine 35 blocks in any direction away and follow steps 1-5 again!
Can we get 200 diamonds??
I hope you like this blog!
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