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Minecraft: babbajagga

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Apologies for my absence in last couple of months,
events in my real life are hindering me from doing things I would like to do,
and atm. I cannot say for how long will this state last. :-/
Wish to come back one day again, here are still plans I would like to fullfill!

Everything means nothing when you lose the things that matter.

The quieter you become, the more you will be able to hear.

There is just a thin line between geniality and insanity.

I focus mainly at texture pack creation and architecture/builds.
Sometimes I make skins and art.
Dreaming about to make my mod idea work...
...and run a server made based on my ideas...
(no spoilers :P)

Special notes?
I build purely by improvization only.
No planing, details ahead.
I get just a vision, idea, then my muse kicks me on and rest is in the hands of fortune :)
When I build something for survival I try to bring forth safe constructions, preventing monster spawns, etc. without a need of some additional plugins or mods. Thus you may find often slabs and stairs in my creations.

My work is Licensed under

If you are wondering about my age
solve this and you get it √3932289

Some of the many fantastic mods aside those found in my Collections:
Malisis Doors - simply speechless
Tinker's Construct
for some true Tools crafting
- builders dream
XtraBlocks Extreme Edition
- architect's orgasm
MAtmos - brings the game alive
Infernal Mobs
- brings you to your knees!
Mutant Creatures - Don't ever combine this with the Infernal Mobs ... yerr was warned! ]:>
Paintings++ & Painting Selection GUI - heaven!
Open Modular Turrets - flawless
- no more TEI NEI ugly GUI
Smart Moving Mod - because you can crawl thru that 1x1 meter wide space!
Realistic Pain - this is survival
Enviromine - get real
Better Rain - !@*&^WE QTS DHA IMBA
Enhanced Portals - welcome to new era of traveling!

Huge Thanks for your support folks! :)
The pleasure is mine.

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