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awesome MOD idea, more Herobrine!

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MickeyJoe's Avatar MickeyJoe
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yes, this would be ANOTHER Herobrine mod, i know, but this 1 is different! this if how u summon the Herobrine('s), create 9 Notched parts png, than combine those 9 parts together in a Crafting Table and u get a Block of Life (a Block of Life looks like a Grass Block only it gives of a light level of 12). place down the Block of Life and nothing happens, but when u break the Block of Life, a message in the screen appears saying "R.I.P. Herobrine". after that, weird things start to happen after a few minutes. your Glass starts to break, trees start to burn, mobs die and everywhere u can hear the sound of a Nether portal. than, a 1 of the 8 Herobrine's will teleport behind u and will hit u once (he only does 3 hearts of damage). than, randomly, all the 8 Herobrine's start to appear and disappear, they start breaking blocks and attacking mobs and u! this curse wont go away until u delete the world or the mod.

this is how the 8 Herobrine's look like, 1. th_bdpng 2. th_epng 3. th_adbdadpng 4. th_fbpng 5. th_fpng 6. th_bepng 7. th_dcpng 8. th_cecbdbpng

also, check out my blog with Minecraft ideas ! ;)

the're watching u.....

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