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Skin : Notch

A Minecraft skin posted by Notch,

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Choose your equipment!

Not satisfied with just a cutout of a skin? Arm your miniature paper warrior! This box contains all of the items & weapons in Minecraft. Double-click or drag/drop the items you want into the box below.

Papercraft Inventory

Drop items here to add them to your item sheet.
Double-click an item to remove it. You can also re-order items by drag/dropping them. When you are satisfied with your loadout, click Generate and watch the magic!

How To Build your Papercraft

Last, but certainly not least, tutorials and help! Read below for some basic & advanced info on how to do this after you've got it printed.


You will want the following items prior to starting:

  • Printer
  • Cardstock ( You can use regular paper, but the final model won't be as strong!)
  • Scissors
  • A soft-bristle paintbrush
  • Glue & Small cup to put it in.
  • Optional: A craft/exacto knife (For precision cutting any helmet details, be careful!)

Once you have amassed all of those items, print the sheet(s) and follow the instructions below to papercraft.

Skin Sheet

The sheet containing the skin is a traditional papercraft cutout; if you've done it in the past you will be familiar with it. Fear not if you are unfamiliar however as this small tutorial will help you!

Begin by cutting the pieces out. I recommend that rather than trying to work with the entire sheet at a time that you cut out the individual pieces in crude circles before actually cutting along the lines; it makes it easier to do strange angles on more complex models. Cut along the outside black lines until you have each part individually freed.

On each model, fold the flaps that are sticking out of the side of most faces. After the flaps are folded, fold down the edges of each individual face so that you can connect the piece as a rectangle; note that the helmet requires special maintenance, as will be explained near the end. Once you have everything folded, you can begin to glue the pieces together.

Proceed to apply glue onto the paintbrush and brush the edges of a flap, bringing the flap to the part it should be glued to. Hold the piece to the flap for at least 10 seconds before letting go, else it may drift and get stuck in the wrong spot! On the skin, it is easier to fold the far edges of the "front" face together, so that you can simply press the top & bottom faces down onto the flaps of the front/sides with little effort.

Once you have the pieces all connected (minus the helmet), you can begin gluing the separate pieces to each other to form your Minecraft figure. Position them in whichever way you want; I won't go into advanced things, like making the limbs move. Gluing them together is sufficient for this tutorial. If you're printing weapons, be sure to make one of the arms open so you can place items in its hands!

The helmet requires a bit of special handling, as it's obviously a different bag of worms. There are many different ways of going about this, but in general, you will need to remove flaps from areas where the flaps are not required, as well as cut out with a craft knife the parts that should be transparent. This will work for helmets and other connected items; for certain types of cutouts, like floating hair pieces, you may need to build it as a full cube and use your craft knife to cut out the finished half-rectangle. You can then use small pieces of paper, folded in a Z shape, glued onto the head & the 3d piece to stick them onto the head.

Item / Armory Sheets

The item sheets are much simpler to put together. Using a paper slicer (or scissors), cut down all of the black lines on the sheets. Glue one of the items onto the back of its reversed version to create a flat, two-sided version of each item, then you can cut out the individual pixels (the most tedious part of the entire process). When done, feel free to glue them anywhere you like!

Note: bonus points if you buy magnets and use them instead. Modular components are much better!

Have fun!

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