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1 - 25 of 2,892,843

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Launched in 2010, Planet Minecraft supports the creative community brought together because of the amazing game of Minecraft. You'll become a member of a huge community and there's a lot to do, learn and be a part of.

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Game of Minecraft

Minecraft is sandbox video game that launched in 2009 and quickly became a global phenomenon. Each game starts with a huge procedurally generated world made of different biomes of blocks, pixel art items and unique blocky mobs. Everything can be mined or gathered and then smelted, cut, crafted and combined to create building materials, weapons and armor for the next task in Minecraft. Players choose their own adventure, progressing at their own pace, deciding what to build or do next in the game.

How to play Minecraft

Every player chooses the best way to play Minecraft for themselves. Not everyone plays the same way and your own gameplay can change drastically from one gaming session to the next. Some Minecrafters prefer survival and exploration while others focus on building maps in creative mode. You can play alone or with friends on a Minecraft multiplayer server. You can play Java Edition on PC or Bedrock Edition on nearly all platforms and consoles. If that's not enough, you can modify Minecraft with mods, data packs and resource packs! As long as you're having fun, you're doing it right.

Minecraft Community Content

Planet Minecraft has lots of content shared freely by fans of the game. We're uploading content made in the game and for the game so other players can download, provide feedback and enhance their Minecraft experience. We're also sharing content that customizes the game including Minecraft texture packs, skins and data packs. If you've created Minecraft content, consider sharing it with the community! It can be fun and rewarding to create content for Minecraft.

What is Planet Minecraft

We're a community of Minecraft players sharing content and experiences in the game. We aim to support the game and the creative community that plays it in as many ways possible. In addition to content sections, we host Minecraft contests, events, community events and our members never fail to entertain. Overall, we're having fun playing Minecraft and getting to know each other through our work and interactions. Some members have grown up with Planet Minecraft and made life long friends along the way!

Is Planet Minecraft an official website

We are a community fansite and not an official resource. While we are not affiliated with Minecraft or the developer, Mojang Studios, we love the game and enjoy supporting the creative community more than 10 years! Are you a Minecraft fan? Create a Planet Minecraft account and join over 3 million members!

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