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Eynnom Interviews #15

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Eynnom avatar Eynnom
Level 36 : Artisan Blob
Interview with Soiboi
Question Giver Eynnom

1. What inspired you to join PMC?
I didn't really care for Planet Minecraft at first all I saw was skins that I could easily make in another Minecraft program but when I saw that they were letting people make mob skins that's when I joined because I wanted to make mob skins cuz that's one of the only things that I'm good at


2. What do you usually post?
Blogs mob skins making a working on a refract texture pack skins the usual


3. Can you tell something about you?
Well I'm making a texture pack called refract come help support me if you want

Interesting name

4.What's your interests?
Making a texture pack, playing my Nintendo switch,
making bad fanfiction making mob skins reading comments,sanic,Rachel from tawog,Shadamy from okko,simionchu from sonichu, and wanting to make a video game


5.What languages do you know?
1 English

At least you could talk with the whole world

6. What is your personal opinion? (what do you think about yourself)
I don't really know sometimes I kind of feel depressed

Who doesn't? (I don't count these that use depression for attention)

7.Do you have any social medias? (instagram, deviantart etc.)
pixsel YouTube


8. What's your favourite Mob?
Well it's kind of a lot actually here we go creeper skeleton stray Enderman zombie husk villager zombie villager chicken Pig sheep cow Guardian Elder Guardian Vindicator evoker Ravenger Pillager Piglin zombie piglin Magma Cube slime ghast vex witch wolf blaze mooshroom steve alex iron Golem Warden and Squid

That's a lot

9. Creative or survival?
Survival they really need to add hardcore mode

But it could be a bit cheating, from hardcore to survival and opposite
The world thing is good enough

10. Favourite game version
The newest I guess


11. Favourite MC food
Enchanted Apple

The most rare is the best

12. Dream job?
Well I always wanted to be a game designer I make this character like a long time ago in 2015 called orbert and I've been drawing him since 2015 all the way to here when I was on my hiatus I was drawing some concept art of orbert


13. Hated mob?
The glow squid it's such an inferior version of the squid

But at least, we got a water mob that can be used for minimaps(

14. Favourite Games
Pac-Man Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles big chungus meme Fury go Sanic goo undertale Freedom planet Minecraft Mega Man 1 to 7 Super Smash Brothers ultimate in Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria simulator
Among Us


The Int is old,
And sorry if it took to long
Thank you for the interview
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