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How Slender Man became well Slender Man! PART 1!

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Slender man was once a normal human just like you and me. He was a kind man that went through a horrible change. People always say change is good but its not in this case. He was a handsome man about the age of thirty he had a beautiful wife and baby girl. He was driving home from his business trip when something wrong happened. His phone started to ring and he looked to see who it was. He flipped the phone open.
"Hello this is Scot." He said.
"Hey honey its me. Are you going to make it home for dinner tonight? Lily has been crying for you all week. We missed you so bad." She said. Scot smiled and chuckled.
"I'll make it. I'll do what ever it takes to get home and have dinner with you guys." Scot replied.
Then rain started to drip down on to the window-shield. A rumble of thunder was heard. He gripped the steering wheel tighter. His hands were turning white from gripping to tight on the steering wheel. then the rain started to pound on the window-shield. He wondered how he was going to get home on time.

I hope you guys liked it! more is on its way and plus if i made any mistakes don't judge me plz!

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