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How To Be A Popular Minecraft Player[Contest]

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avatar TheHof125
Level 29 : Expert Scribe
Everyone is different. I'll start this blog off by saying that. Me giving this information is not from experience, it is simply my opinion. I say that everyones experience differs. Do not listen to my advice and say it is the way to go, because it probably isn't.

Firstly, no one likes a suck up. I have seen a seriously big amount of players who like to try and get themselves Moderator and Admin positions by basically sucking up to an Owner. It generally doesn't happen on major Servers due to the knowledge a major Server Owner would have with the topic, though it still does occur. You want to become friendly with a Server Owner or Admin but in a laid back sort of way. No trying to out do someone at helping the Owner or Staff.

This one is PMC related. Don't post things that you think people are going to like. Put something out there that you want to post. It is a common thing for people to post something so that they get some views. It is taking up peoples time and gives you no points. It's definitely not going to be earning yourself Diamonds. People love to read opinions, love to read something that isn't sticking it to the book. It makes you more out there, because someone who is the opposite is not going to make anyone get interested. And finally, have consistency with your posts. Don't make something that doesn't have anything to do with things you've posted previously. Everything you do, has to have a point. Make sure of that otherwise Subscribers will stop reading posts that make no sense.

Give others advice. Even if your new to a Server, you want to give people all the information you can spare, because that's a friend you've gained. We all love people who can show the road to success, whether they be a veteran on the Server or they only logged in 5 minutes ago. Knowledge is something not to be kept from others, but to be shared. Humans show compassion to those who help.

Try and share your work. There is no point in keeping it locked away in a room because your scared of grievers. You do have the right to be scared, but that doesn't mean everyone is a griever. Everyone loves to have a look at where your at, I know I love to check others builds. It gives others some inspiration for their future work of arts. We are a community, are we not?

Finally, sound professional. This doesn't mean you sound like a CEO of a multi-million dollar company who never gets out of their seat and has some fun. You want to be entertaining, but not go over the top. Everything you write online has to be in good place. I've seen people who apply for Server Moderators that try and sneak in 1 too many puns to try and lighten up the audience. There is a time and place for jokes, and a Moderator application is not the correct time.

Thanks for reading, and if you feel this was rightfully placed, give me a diamond. If you want more, contact me and I'll get straight to it.

Thanks for reading, TheHof125

09/17/2012 4:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Cool! If you want to play in Medieval Join my server
07/12/2012 12:58 pm
Level 42 : Master Turtle
Yeah he would know how to be a popular player (when he's still lvl one)...
07/12/2012 4:42 pm
Level 29 : Expert Scribe
I was never said it was just PMC...
07/12/2012 1:27 am
Level 44 : Master Pokemon
As Darc_Dude said bellow, this has nothing to do with how to be a popular minecraft player.
If you want to be popular on minecraft servers, just be friends with everyone. Its simple.
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