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How to Change Your Skin (Cracked and Premium)


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How to Change Your Skin

w/ a premium user

1. You log onto minecraft.net
2. You click onto profile, on the bar right next to the big letters that say MINECRAFT
3. You change your skin by selecting the file that you wanna use as your skin

w/ a cracked Minecraft

1. You need to download either 7Zip or WinRAR
2. On your keyboard, you hold the start button + r, and then a little window that says Run on the top should pop up
3. You type in %appdata% and then you find a bunch of folders
4. You click on the one that says .minecraft
5. Then you click on the folder that says bin
6. Now, you have to right click on the thing that says minecraft (below it should say Executive Jar File)
7. You then move your mouse on either 7Zip or WinRAR and then you should have a bunch of choices, choose Open Archive
8. You now click on the mob file
9. After that, you should find a bunch of png files, find the one that says char.png
10. Now stop, and then find the skin that you want to use, and then save it as char.png
11. Then delete the file in 7Zip or WinRAR that's named char.png, and then replace it with the skin you want to use
12. Just to make sure, go onto Minecraft and press F5 to check if your skin worked

If you have any problems with any of the above, please comment or message me and I will try to help you!

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I dont have bin folder. Guys i will say BIN FOLDER IS JUST FOR 1.0-1.5 !
  • Demboy
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • October 8, 2013, 12:39 am
doesn't work in 1.6.4 cracked
Isn't this just altering YOUR view of the skin? This is like changing the default texture pack, no one else will be able to see it but you.
Ok, I followed all the steps exactly. However, whenever I enter the game, my new replacement for the basic skin is replaced by the basic skin. (Yes, I deleted the old char.png, and yes, I renamed my new one char.png)

you no need to remove it u can just rename Char and put it
Double check your files, is the char.png in the right place? Make sure that it's in the correct folder, I don't think it would work if it's in .minecraft, but it's not in the correct folder, try clicking F5, make sure that it's not a different skin.
Cracked accounts are for noobs.
There's no difference between premium and cracked
Doesn't cracked mean "Cracked into database"? Thats for noobs.
I guess it is in your view.

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