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How to easily make a minecraft server using Centos 64 Australia

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Ok here's how to make a minecraft server if you are using centos
scp into the box or if a personal computer download McMyAdmin
If your in Australia use ioflood.com as your host they are cheap and allow 100% cpu ping is less than 200ms. 4gb of dedicated ram with 100% cpu is only $45 a month

1) while under root type yum install java

2) while still under root copy paste the below
copy and paste all of it at once and press enter

yum install bison gettext glib2 freetype fontconfig libpng libpng-devel libX11 libX11-devel glib2-devel libgdi* libexif glibc-devel urw-fonts java unzip gcc gcc-c++

3) then copy paste this, copy and paste all of it at once and press enter

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://ftp.novell.com/pub/mono/sources/ ... .1.tar.bz2
bunzip2 mono-2.10.1.tar.bz2 && tar xvf mono-2.10.1.tar
cd mono-2.10.1
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

4)Then go to the directory where you have placed McMyAdmin and type

5) Then type mono McMyAdmin.exe

6) Type stop or exit after McMyAdmin has configured itself it will mention something about you not being able to use it remotely as the default password has not been change.

7) Go into the server via SCP I use Winscp, and go to where McMyAdmin is installed, go into the .conf file and type search password, you then need to create a new password I believe you have to encode it in mdf5 or something, I know it tells you in the file.

Then go back to your ssh command prompt window session and type mono McMyAdmin.exe this will download and configure minecraft and bukkit.

9) Now press ctrl+A+D to go to your other screen, this will enable the program to continue running while you close the session.

10) type logout and your server is now done

11) type in the server hostname/ip address in your bar like sohttp://

You can now login and see the servers load memory usage and a whole lot more. You will need to change how much memory your server uses, you can look that up yourself its not very hard, ill tell you if you cant figure it out.

And that's how to make a minecraft server, if your after a host the best one i have found is ioflood.com, you need about 3 or 4 gigs or ram and 1 cpu with 100% utilization allowed.

It will cost about $45 a month, but if you have upload speeds of 4mb or better you can use your own computer as the minecraft server and use a usb stick centos install.

Most vps's you find will only allow 25% server cpu utilization then they will suspend your service. Minecraft needs 100%.


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Update #3 : by jeracoo 07/18/2011 11:40:07 pmJul 18th, 2011

Since my server is now dead there is no test server for this, though if your in Australia try and use a host is Las vegas the ping is around 160ms.

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