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How to: Not Get Bored of Video Games

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Part 1: Some Background

        Hello everyone. I am PokemonScout. I am someone you could call a hardcore gamer. I play videogames nearly 24/7. I have a video game addiction. One big problem is that I often get bored with video games, then bored in general. I've mostly figured out why. I have logged possibly more than 2500 or more hours into Minecraft. I don't play is much anymore but still do enjoy the game.
Part 2: The Solution

        Okay, I get you weren't here to listen about my life in gaming. So you want to know how to countinue playing video games without getting bored? There is a simple anwser and there always was. Variety. In the previous paragraph I noted on how I don't play Minecraft as much as I used to. The reason for that is that the game just fizzled out for me. I got bored of the game. I played the game every day and just it eventually just didn't have the replayability that it used to. So I needed to find a game to play outside of the sandbox genre. I eventually got into Steam more than I used too. I had steam on my computer because of the game Terraria, which was another sandbox game which I have logged about 1000 hours into. I started getting into games on Steam and now have around 48 games in my Steam library. Then there is always the option of console games which are also completley fun and fine.
Part 3: Another Problem
         You may be disappointed in the last paragraph and that you have buy and play other games other than Minecraft. This part is for those Minecraftians who want to stick to the game, or just don't have the money to get another game. Yet still this solution also requires Variety Go do something in Minecraft that you normally don't do, like if you like adventuring, try some house building. The Minecraft community is also a great place, so much so that you can download mods to play or adventure maps, or even just hop on a server and get your friend to play a minigame with you.
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed.
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