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How to protect your content - what to to if my content is reposted - blacklisted websites

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I don't usually do writing and my spelling is awfull but hey, I tried.

Sometimes people will steal your content. If you make a map or texture pack or a skin and it is very good then chances are it has already been reposted without your permission.

There are many ways to protect your content and many things you can do to make websites remove stolen creations, sometimes you may have to be rather brutal but remember: If a website has reuploaded your content you have the right to get it removed, they reuploaded your work and if they have someone threatening legal action against them that's their fault - do not be shy!

The first step is always to contact a moderator or admin and inform them of your problem, if you are on a good website like PMC or skindex this will be all you need to do.

However some sites have no real moderation and admins who don't give a damn, (Novaskin is one example) Then you may have problems, no moderators so who do you report it to?

Well then you should attempt to contact the poster via email or on their post/website

If you have some money you could get proper legal copyright but that can be expensive and getting a lawyer is insanely expensive. A fake cease and disist letter could work to scare the reposter into deleting their post but won't hold up to investigation and if they ignore it nothing will happen so they will know you were bluffing - even so it can sometimes be enough just to threaten people with legal action - but do it politely!

You can find more information here: https://www.eversparkinteractive.com/how-to-get-stolen-content-removed-from-a-website/

And here: https://www.dmca.com/faq/How-do-I-get-my-content-removed-from-another-website

There is also a post about this sort of thing here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/300j6f/stop_your_mapmod_getting_reposted_on_another_site/

But this blog is not just about how to remove stolen content, it's also about how to protect your content from theft.

There are several ways you can do this:

  • ALWAYS put a readme.txt file in your texture pack/map which clearly states that it may not be reuploaded or edited or sold or redistrobuted without written permission from the original creator of the content.

  • ALWAYS put your PMC username/email on any mob skins/player skins, there is enough space on skin files to put pixels on which wont show up on the skin

  • Get a copyright symbol from Creative Commons: https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/licensing-considerations/ https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/ I would not use this because I want to have very restrictive copyright on my stuff, no editing reuploading or anything, personal use only.
  • Use this symbol on your work: How to protect your content - what to to if my content is reposted - blacklisted websites
  • ALWAYS Put your name and email in credits in the actual map, have some text that plays at the start/end imforming users of which websites have permission to host the map and the name and email of the creator.
  • You can also add metadata to files so it will say stuff on the file about who made it but I don't know how to do that.
Template text you can use in a readme file
All rights reserved.

You do not have permission to edit, sell, repost or reupload any of this content to any website, doing so is a breach of copyright and I will contact the moderators/admins of the website.

If you downloaded this from any website other than www.planetminecraft.com then the download may be infected with malware/viruses and the file may have been altered or may be outdated, delete the file and run an antivirus scan.

If you downloaded this map from any website other than www.planetminecraft.com Then you must report it and contact me at [​Your email here]

Also just because a website is popular DOES NOT mean that it is legitimate, 9minecraft is a website that reposts mod without the creators permission but is still widely used.

ONLY get mods from curseforge or the mod creators website or PMC or the Minecraft Forum

Most people have heard of a website called Novaskin, it should NOT be used for downloading or posting skins as most of the skins on Novaskin are stolen and by posting there you also increase the risk of your skin getting stolen.

Minevcraft.com is also a reposting website however it does give credit so it may seem ligit but IT IS NOT, however it often uses the same download links as the ones on PMC so you will often still be the link owner, if you are then change your download link, it's as simple as that.

If there is anything that I have missed then PLEASE tell me and I will add it, comment any tips or suggestions you might have.

There is also a VERY usefull website called stop mod reposts: https://stopmodreposts.org/ And if you are a mod developer then I would advise downloading this program: https://stopmodreposts.org/dl/splashscreenmod.html And even if you are not a mod developer you should get the browser extention: https://stopmodreposts.org/downloads.html to block repost websites. (The cover picture of this blog is the message that comes up when you have the extention and visit a blocked site)

And if you want proof that stopmodreposts is good there is a link to it on Cyprezz's profile page and he is the admin.

If you have any questions or you would like my help with removing a repost just send me a message and I will try my best to help you, (I am not a lawyer and I cannot help with proper legal stuff)

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