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Level 12 : Journeyman Engineer
In this mod, you will be able to make angel shark armour with lots of fish. First you must fish for 24 normal fish. Then make armour with the fish. Put on the armour and then go to the bottom of the sea which will be a lot deeper because of the mod and you will turn into an angel shark. Find and kill 32 yellow fish (by right clicking them) and then put your angel shark armour in your crafting table one by one in the middle and fill in the rest with yellow fish. Then you should have mako shark armour. Again go to the bottom of the sea and you will turn into a mako shark. Then find and kill 32 red fish and then go back up to the surface and put your armour in the crafting table one by one and fill in the rest with red fish and then you will have banshee shark. Go to the bottom of the sea and turn inot the shark. Kill 32 Fast green fish which will damage you a small bit. You will get health and hunger for every fish you eat so dont worry. Do the same thing again in the crafting table and you will have goblin shark armour. Go to the bottom of the sea and start killing 32 angler fish. Which will do more damage then the green fish. Then go to the surface make more armour from your old armour that you are wearing and the angler fish and you will have Great White Shark armour. Now this is where things get a lot tougher. Kill 32 Banshee sharks which will have to be right clicked 4 times. Now make more armour from the banshee sharks and make Megladon/Jaws armour and now you will have to hold down right click to charge up your bite and now you can eat people on multiplayer. There will also be mob people so you can eat them too. You will be given more inventory space because of your giant belly. Finally there will be a new music disc called jaws theme, which will play the jaws theme.

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12/22/2012 10:33 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
k9 officer
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sounds cool.
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