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Meme about what it feels like to get ur first like from cyprezz

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Diamond if you like this, Favorite if you relate. Comment if you want to lol

Remember; dont be too sus, because Cyprezz sees all

Tillie, a cat living rent free with me would not stop rubbing on me while making this blog and editing this image. She is a sweetheart and yesterday we heard a noise from down the hall while preparing for breakfast, we both looked in that direction, remembered its just the squirrels in the vent, looked away, looked at each other, and continued breakfast in sync. That kind of bond doesn’t just happen randomly. Tillie was the chosen one for me, and we are there for each other. It was meant to be.

take that, blog, i bet the wholesome section about Tillie is over 150 characters by itself!

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09/11/2022 8:35 pm
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