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Minecraft Cheats Guru Reveals His Secret Techniques To Safely Cheat in Minecraft

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MCHack v1.4 (Updated for 1.9 Pre)The latest Minecraft Cheats guides have been updated to work onany multiplayer server, including Bukkit-enabled servers. Only available to VIP Members (Enter email below to gain access). Includes:
  • HOW TO: Spawn Invincible Items
  • HOW TO: Spawn Unlimited Tools (Iron, Diamond, etc.)
  • Toggle Invincibility
  • Breathe Underwater
  • Toggle Fly Mode
  • Disguise Yourself as Mobs and Other Players (Creepers, Sheep, Notch, etc.) *NEW*

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"Thanks for putting together such an awesome collection of Minecraft Cheats. My friends still think Notch comes on our server (Mwahaha)." -James

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Supported Systems

This collection of Minecraft Cheats should work on any modern OS, including Windows 7, Mac OSX, and most flavors of Linux. As always, anytime Minecraft updates, the cheats will need to be updated before they will work again.

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How Minecraft Cheats Work

Whenever you download Minecraft Cheats, be sure to carefully read the directions as it can sometimes be tricky or complicated when trying to get it to work. A good rule of thumb is to always back up your minecraft.jar file before attempting to install any Minecraft cheats. Most of these cheats and hacks involve editing the minecraft.jar file by adding and modifying files within the jar. A jar is basically a 'zip' or 'rar' archive of files that make up the Minecraft game client. Editing these files allows you to change all sorts of stuff, from your mining speed, to your health decline when getting hit by an enemy.

More Minecraft Cheats and Hacks

There are a tremendous amount of Minecraft cheats being developed every day. One thing you should know, however, is that some of these cheats are not cheats at all, but are designed to steal your account by logging your password and username. This is why it is absolutely vital that you do some research and download only from websites you can trust. Usually websites hosted on free servers, like 110mb and wordpress or blogger, are more likely to host unsafe programs.

Where to Download Minecraft Cheats

All VIP members have access to a growing collection of Minecraft Cheats through our email newsletter. Joining is completely free. All you have to do is let us know your email address by typing it in at the top of this page. Once you've joined, you'll receive updates every time a new Minecraft cheat is released and you will be able to view our VIP forum section as well, where other VIP members share the latest glitches, tricks, and hacks. Your friends on your server won't know what hit them when you disguise yourself as Herobrine, Notch, or even a Creeper! Even more fun is passing through bedrock intended to keep you locked in the 'Noob Area.'

Does the server you play on run Bukkit? If so, there are a ton of extra exploits and Minecraft cheats that you can use to give yourself unlimited gold, bypass locks, warp, and teleport. Essentially you can gain the abilities of an Op with extra features as well. Want to be invisible? It's certainly possible. Wish you could spawn 200 creepers next to your friend? Just make sure you're well out of sight. :) You'll be amazed at everything you can learn as a VIP.

Updating Your Minecraft Cheats

As you probably already know, everytime Mojang releases a Minecraft update, bukkit and many mods will break until they can be updated. With Minecraft cheats, it's the same story. Just know that if you update, you'll have to wait until we update our cheats. Most servers will wait until Bukkit is updated before upgrading to a new server version, so in most cases you will be fine by waiting.

When you do update your Minecraft cheats, make sure you delete your .minecraft folder and download a fresh copy of the Minecraft jar when you run the Minecraft executable. Once you've got a fresh version that has no mods installed, you can then follow the directions to install the Minecraft cheats of your choice. Most of the time, the directions to install will be listed on the download page as well as in the downloaded cheat file.

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