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My top 5 plugins for Bukkit

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avatar samwow123
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Making a new server? Have one? Can you never find the right plugins? Heres the place to be.

At #1: iConomy 6 - This plugin is the best economy plugin out there. I have never had any trouble with this plugin. Just great. Every server needs an economy right?

#2: floAuction - This plugin is EPIC you can start auctions with this plugin and is very easy to configure. This plugin can and probably be the selling point of a server.

#3: Towny - If you are deciding between Factions and Towny. Just pick towny. It is easier to use and a lot more fun for the players. I would not recommend it but, if you don't have a rank system towny can do that for you. It also has GREAT chat features.

#4: Portecoulissante - Not very many people know about this plugin or it's sister plugin Retractablebridge. That does not mean that these are not the BEST plugins out there. There other more confusing plugins that do essentially what these do, but these are easier to use and look cooler. Imagine a gate and you pull a lever and it goes up block by block, and then you pull it again and they go down? These plugins are remission free and sign free just some redstone. Out of all the ones on this list I recommend checking this one out the most.

Finally #5: Wormhole-X-Treme - This plugin is a great alternative to warp walls. You make a portal (they come in various sizes and you can make your own custom one) and then select what portal you wan't to end up at then pull a lever and water comes out of the portal, retracts, and you have about 15 (configureable) seconds to get to where you want to go. This plugin is awesome, it looks cool, works well, and is very fun for your players.

If you enjoyed this, found it interesting? want more? Diamond it, please. To see some of these plugins in action, Join my server, Invent Planet. Just ask an admin, or me, to see examples.

***This list is not all the plugins you need to start a server these are just fun things that will make people want to come back. Go to my 5 Essential plugins for a new server (Coming soon) to get those.
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