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Mystery, Fantasy, Dreams, And Time

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When will the mystery unfold?

What is fantasy like?

Where do dreams come from?

Do we have the time?

What is the Mystery?

That is your question. What is the mystery? Is it a place high above the clouds? Or deep down underground? Is it a thing? Is it alive? What is the mystery?

My mystery: Who came up with the idea, to start war. Imagine you saw someone eating a chocolate, and you want some too. Do you just go up and yank it out of their hands, or do you politely ask for some and wait for an answer. Now, imagine you are a person with lots of power, lots of land, and lots of rights. You want more land, to make you even more powerful. You already have power, though? Now, most people know that you can't get everything you want in the world. But keep imagining, and think to yourself, how badly do you need that land. If you were a greedy kind, you'd try and get the land, but instead of asking, you'd invade that land, and claiming it for yourself. You didn't need all that land, though, so what is the point? Mysteries don't unfold on their own. If you really want to find something out, you need to research alot, poke your nose into every hole you find. Open each every door. Just, don't give up.

People become mysteries too, you know. Everyone's a mystery. There lives are mysteries. Like why people become bullies. It could be because of something that happened when they were little, and next they turn into robbers, next into murderers and serial killers. Some mysteries are better to be left a mystery, but that's up to you to decide which mysteries I'm talking about.

What is a Fantasy?

A fantasy may be a creature, or a land. It is a thing created in your head, much like your dreams. Think of computer games, Terraria, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, it is very unlikely that any of these things are real. Fiction authors, make their books by using fantasy. One of my childhood favourites, The Enchanted Wood By Enid Blyton, was made by using fantasy. Another thing similair to fantasy, is imagination. Like fantasy, imagination usually helps you to create special things. But sometimes your imagination can destroy fantasy, like when you think of the scary things that might happen, also know as, worry.

To some people, not including myself, cryptids are fantasies. But I say to myself, there's so much evidence, how can they not be true. Go for Nessie, for example, there are many pictures, just they're blurry. I love fantasies.

How are dreams made?

In my oppinion, dreams are made by mixing fantasy, imagination, reality and thought together.

Fantasy-It creates the make-believe things.

Imagination-It creates the tragic times.

Reality-It makes things feel real.

Thought-It interferes with your dreams to keep them going.

But then we have the bad dreams, Nightmares.

In Nightmares thought interferes with itself, transforming it into worry. Worry is when you think crazily, and your fantasy and imagination don't mix anymore. You start to worry what might happen, and then, it does. I'd like to avoid Nightmares, alot.

Do we have the time?

In my oppinion, we have all the time in the world. It's just, the things we create, that stops us. Time is a crazy thing to understand sometimes. Time is just the sun, but made micro-size, so we can read it. If we didn't have clocks, we'd have to look up at the sky and estimate the time. You can look at the shadows too.

-Short Shadow=Midday

-Long Shadow=Dawn or Dusk

-No Shadow=Midnight

I want to see how you can be like me.

There is no light from the sun, when it goes over the horizon. We close our eyes, and dream.

Have a dream,

Make a smile,

And dance for a while.

Dancing is a nice way to express ourselves. Dancing is singing with our body.

Sing a song,

All day long,

Let yourself go,

Sometimes you need to let go of the branch and try to keep your heart beating.

Never stop,

To go and rock,

This is how the world ends.

My dream is being exploded by the insults of the world. Nature isn't agreeing with reality, while reality is accepting Nature. Space, is another thing. Gravitation, keep's our world together, and stops us from floating away, into the darkness of our dreams. Help! I cry each night, staring at the stars and moon. Can you help me to fulfill my dream, of fulfilling dreams?

Mysteries, are in dreams too. Ever had a detective dream, or a dream about history. I sure have, and I wish I never do again. My mum had died, in that dream, when I was only four. I suppose this was because I had read a book about crimes the night before. Nobody knew who killed my mother, and nobody cared either. I sure cared though, and in the morning I rang up my mum to see if she was alright. But see, if we were all good to the world, I wouldn't have had that dream. Go deeper into the story, and be logical about it. If nobody broke the law, then crime wouldn't have been invented. Then, authors wouldn't have written a book about a murderous theme. Therefore, I wouldn't have read that book, and that dream would be lost, forever.

How do you make your dreams?

Tell me, what is the best dream you've ever had? This might make you feel proud of your dream.

But also, if you wish, tell me what the scariest nightmare you ever had is? This might overcome it.

Dreams and Nightmare's, should never mix, or they will create something disasterous. Who knows? My theory is that you will start believing the things that happen in your dreams, and you will start spreading it, and creating rumours.

Have a good dream, friends.

History is another thing. History is being created every milli-second infact. Like, what you are doing a few seconds ago is History. Or what you had for breakfast in the morning. Everything you do is creating Hisory. Even if you try not to create history, the fact is that you are creating history! Understand, so when you do history lessons at school, tell the teachers this.

Dreaming is like entering a forbidden world, where everything exists.

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03/03/2013 2:19 pm
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
Peaceguy99 avatar
Wow... Awsome.... *Stares at reading* ....Wait have a dream , have a smile, And dance for a while? I dont dance... I play on computers... But still, Awsome and I think that a ton of this stuff In its bad form makes creepypastas... Sorry for bringing out a random subject. :P
03/04/2013 2:55 am
Level 42 : Master Blob
Prettzel avatar
Peaceguy u invented derp....ukd?
03/06/2013 5:28 pm
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
Peaceguy99 avatar
ukd? Whats that? And no, I did not invent derp, derp invented derp, true derpy story. (Deal with it)
03/08/2013 7:49 pm
Level 42 : Master Blob
Prettzel avatar
ukd=u know dat xD
Derp can not deal with derps.
10/24/2012 3:48 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Pokemon
LeoL274 avatar
Wow! This really inspired me!
09/20/2012 5:55 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
SlenderBro avatar
09/20/2012 11:56 pm
Level 42 : Master Blob
Prettzel avatar
Thanks..I was just bored....so I made this.....
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