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Need Devs!!

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avatar Rebelmon_Apollo
Level 1 : New Network
Hey, I'm Raylee better known as Apollo or Magma I currently run and own a small Pixelmon server known as Rebelmon.
I need some help with config and plugins, we want a couple things but I am not sure how to do them or even find them!

-Announcement plug in
-Custom shops
-Increase shiny spawns
-World edit schematic files

If anyone could help me with these please let me know you will receive Master ranks on the server along with a few other things.

Thanks for reading,
          Rebelmon Apollo

1 reply

02/13/2020 5:48 amhistory
Level 40 : Master Pixel Puncher
A good start is to run your server on spigot or cauldron if you don't have a server which supports plugins then you need to consider using datapacks instead which probably won't allow you to do the stuff requested. if you are then what you'll need to do is to look online for plugins which suit your minecraft version on the internet. Once downloaded drag them into your plugins folder in the server folder and restart the server. Upon restart you will see folders appear usually with the names of the plugins and in there you should find some text or other files relevant to the plugin so you need to edit them in a text editor and that is how you'd configure them. If you ever needed help with the settings in the datapacks the website that you got the datapack from might tell you how to edit the settings of the plugin

That's all I know on the subject since I ran a few test servers with spigot and essentialsX on it.

https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/categories/spigot.4/ This webpage could be quite helpful for your quest
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