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!!!!scary minecraft version!!!!

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hello everyone, a few months ago I found this strange version of minecraft (I don't remember where). This is not even a scary, but a strange version of the game. When I entered the game, all the grass was purple and the sky was black. then I saw a ruined village where there were a lot of NPCs from the baldi game, and there was also a resident with black eyes. There were many bloody tablets near the village, and there were chests in the form of heads of residents in the houses. When the second game night came, someone started writing a lot of text in the chat, for example: get out! I'm here! save me!. The sky started blinking very fast, turned red, and I immediately died (in the game). By the way, when I was creating the world in creative mode, I started noticing a lot of NPCs and sirenheads in the distance. Recently I remembered that I have such a minecraft on my computer and decided to put it on the site.

screen :

!!!!scary minecraft version!!!!villager
!!!!scary minecraft version!!!!
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