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State Of Mind: Full Game Playthrough [2]

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avatar 1Man1Game
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
In this episode we are taking our son to the Doctor's for his apparently daily visit. Some weird stuff happens along the way and we start to unravel more of the story.

In State of Mind you play as Richard Nolan, a grumbler, a wet blanket, who’s trapped between a constant state of melancholy and waspishness as he battles a losing fight against transhumanism in a world that is technologically advancing, as quickly as it is falling apart.
A bit of both biopunk and cyberpunk, the world of State of Mind is defined by a disruptive technological revolution that has the future of humanity teetering on the fine line between digital utopia and utter dystopia. Governments threaten each other with weapons of mass destruction over basic resources, illness and pollution is rife, advertising floats invasively from bedroom window to bedroom window, people stream parts of their minds, the wealthy are trying to cheat death with genetic manipulation and body augmentation, and bots have taken over civil service.

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