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avatar Master Terra
Level 8 : Apprentice Dragon
"A normal Ender Dragon who quickly became a powerhouse and general of an entire army then eventually the leader of his own empire. He doesn't care for anything besides himself, his own kind, and the will of his overlord."

"His main form of combat involves a deadly mix of melee, ranged, and psychokinesis attacks. He sports a sword known as the End Prisma: A transparent lightweight yet extremely durable blade forged from hardened end crystals and infused with ancient end runes. The weapon itself is physic and can be wielded in hand or telepathically by its chosen owner."

"Terra's second weapon is the Omega Void Blaster, being the most powerful regular gun in the entire empire's arsenal. It can be set to a burst, auto, or standard firing making it useful for almost any situation. The gun itself shoots corrosive radioactive end plasma that is capable of burning through bedrock."

"Terra's final weapon is his vast usage of PSI, after time traveling he was able to learn and wield nearly every PK and PSI technique over the course of 500 years, including ancient lost techniques such as PK Starstorm, and those used by the chosen 4, such as favorite thing PSI, due to this knowledge he became a Grandmaster PSI Weidler and was able to effortlessly complete the tedious and grueling tasks his Overlord demanded of him."
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