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The Tree of Wisdom

i did not make this tree

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avatar UniversalPhoenix
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
The wind brushes through my hair, it has a crisp feeling. The breeze whispers in my ear as I gaze upon the sun set and the moon rise. The sky is a beautiful red-orange color, the light of the sun catches the underneaths of clouds. They trap the light of the flames as I turn. The moon, it is full and big. The moon has a bloody tint of orange to it. The rock of reflection is hidden behind the trees of grace. The trees are a turquoise color, contrasting with the sky, breathtaking. I can smell the incense of a rainy morning from trees as the wind weaves its way through them. The trees are tall, like a monster, as the last bit of warmth catches its vivid details. The ground of snow sparkles with the moon’s reflection. The snow is hard from warmth and frost from the past into the present.

To the tree I go, and the moon follows. I stop in the snow, stuck in a hole of darkness and depression. It is swallowing me, the snow is thick and icy if I make a wrong step I will fall. I see a tree’s branches trying to take me in. It whines as the wind passes through it, wanting me to get to safety. The bark is rough and stiff. A branch lowers itself so I can get my foot on it and repeats the process so I can get to the top. As the tree is slowing to a stop and nowhere else is to go, I sit upon the top to see the past of my adventure. A piece of hexagonal bark is shaped like a heart and I take it off. Underneath is smooth reddish bark, like an old red barn color. I leave my imprints in the tree and allow the bark fall to the ground. Waiting for the next adventurer. I take a moment glancing at the imprint I made. I think about how it will change in the next century, maybe nothing at all, thinking how everything leaves an imprint.

I glance past the tree to the pond, the current of the waves make the flawless sphere of rock in the sky into an illusion of lines. I move my eyes to the moon once more and watch the beams highlight my footprints all the way back to the horizon. What I see is what no other could see, accomplishment. The footprints look like tiny mice heading to the tree that I am at, to accompany me. It feels empowering sitting on the tallest tree in view, sitting on the Earth, like I could do anything. Like I am anything. I don’t ever want to go back down to earth. It is beautiful where I am at, in the sky. I feel like I could fly, to allow the wind to pick me up if I fell.  It has been hours and the sun is now coming up, I didn’t even realize how long it’s been. I guess that is how life goes when you don’t have the technology around you. You are truly alive.

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