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Bossborn - Origin

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I_Have_Eyes avatar I_Have_Eyes
Level 22 : Expert Miner
Origin for the Minecraft Origin Mod

+/-Ender Dragon Genes - With your primary ability you become your dragon form
+/-Wither Genes - With your secondary ability you become your wither form
Dragon Form
+/- DNA Reset - With your secondary key you become human form again
+ Wings - You have dragon wings on you at all times
+ Buff Dragon - You have extra health
+ Dragon Breath - You can shoot a fireball
+ Crystal Energy - Near End Crystals you gain regeneration
- Bed Bombed - Explosions do a lot of damage to you
- Home Absence - Outside of the end you have weakness
- Big Dragon - Because of your size you have slowness
- Big Stomach - Your dragon body has a big stomach making you hungrier
Wither Form
+/-DNA Reset - With your secondary key you become human form again
+ Flight - The souls inside you allow you to fly
+ Withering Touch - Hitting someone makes them wither away
+ Skull Launcher - You can fire a wither skull
+ Soul Speed - Since you are part soul sand it doesn't pull you down
+ Soul Regen - You gain health from attacking living souls
+ Enraged - Below half health you get resistance and projectile immunity
- Hydrophobia - Being a creature of the nether, water pains you
- Three Headed - No helmets can go on all three of your heads-
- Smitten - Being mostly undead, you take more damage from smite-
- Flesh Diet - Since you like to consume living people, you are only able to eat meat-
AdvancementsThree Head Play: Kill the Wither while in Wither FormOverthrown: Kill the Ender Dragon while in Ender Dragon Form
CreditThank you Saturn on YT for the video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1aJc763d70OpCJOWYDVDA
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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