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ConcreteBlocks Actions (1.16x)

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Hey there!

I made a Datapack to use for Parcour Maps and other maps!
nearly every concrete block has it's own abilities, for example magenta concrete gives you jump boost and slow falling!
White concrete cleares all the effects, and other things that the datapack manages.

White concrete: cleares effects (Works too if it is above your head [​Good for gray concrete])
Magenta concrete: jump boost + slow falling
Gray concrete: Levitation (Place a Redstone block below the Gray concrete for it to work! If the concrete is above your head you will stick on it ;) )
Orange concrete: Fire resistance + Frost walker (Warning: The Ice will not go away!!![​Use /function cb:_clearice])
and much more...

It all works with Functions, like a Mob-spawn-block (You will need the Spawner-manager Book)
But you can disable specific blocks too! (/function cb:_disablewhite or an other color)

I uploaded the Version 5.3 (from 17.05.2021), but if you go to the Dropbox Link there will be more Downloads! I am probably going to update the download on this page sometimes...

If you have any Ideas for Blocks and Features, you can Comment them below <3

ConcreteBlocks Actions (1.16x) Minecraft Data Pack
CreditTschinkenClassic, me
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

2 Update Logs

Little Fix : 05/20/2021 6:19:39 amMay 20th

Just Fixed a Bug happening when spawning a Mob with the Mob-Spawn-Block

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