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Linking Cord Evolutions

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    Ordalca avatar Ordalca
    Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
    This data pack enables the use of Linking Cord on the Pokémon that requiring trading while holding an item to evolve. This requires the Pixelmon Reforged mod, and was tested on version 9.0.11 of the same.

    Altered pokemon:
    whirl, Slowpoke, Onix, Rhydon, Seadra, Scyther, Electabuzz, Magmar, Porygon, Porygon2, Feebas, Dusclops, Clamperl, Spritzee, Swirlix, Karrablast, and Shelmet.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

    1 Update Logs

    Update #1 : by Ordalca 11/26/2022 1:51:44 amNov 26th

    Added Evolution methods for Shelmet and Karrablast:
    Using Linking Cord on Shelmet
    with either Karrablast or Escavalier in the party evolves Shelmet into Accelgor.
    Using Linking Cord on Karrablast
    with Shelmet in the party evolves Karrablast into Escavalier.

    This imbalance is due to the lore of Karrablast stealing Shelmet's armor for both to evolve. An Escavalier can still steal more armor from other Shelmets, but a Karrablast cannot steal armor from an Accelgor, preventing that evolution. If evolving both, evolve the Karrablast first.

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