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    Level 36 : Artisan Engineer
    Updated (24th August 2020) to version 2.05

    Added hourly markers
    Added game defaults

    Minecraft Survival War!

    This is a great way to play minecraft with your friends and create a youtube series on.

    Survival war is normal survival but a war! When the game starts no pvp or setting traps is allowed until the "Open warfare" messaged has fired which will happen anywhere between 20 minutes and 3 hours (real time)

    The server op can choose the world size and how many lives everyone starts with. If you lose your last life... your out! last player standing is the winner.

    This datapack also allows you to spawn in custom villagers with trades to help you out a bit. In our series we have the map centered at 0,0 and thats close to where the custom villagers are making it a potential hotspot.

    The datapack will automatically tp you to 0,0 when you install the game.

    God apples are not obtainable. If you want god apples simply remove the "godapple" datapack manually

    Vilager trades will be updated for 1.16 when its fully out

    useful commands:
    Install game /function war:_install_ (also gives you the control book)

    Pause game /function _game:_pause_
    Resume game /function _game:_resume_

    2.05 - If you die before open warfare you will not lose a life. Pause & resume now nearer the top of the list. Hourly markers not working now fixed in version 2.05
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
    toMinecraft 1.16

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