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Advanced Expanding World Border Challenge (Multiplayer Friendly)

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Level 22 : Expert Miner
The gameplay of this pack is split into two phases.

In the first phase, players will be spread around 0,0 and one player will be selected as the "anchor". During the next minute, the world border will slowly close in on this player. This time can be used to collect resources and co-ordinate with the anchor where to start the second phase from. Players who were not selected to be an anchor will be given extra speed during this phase as to avoid falling behind and dying to the world border.

After one minute the border will have fully closed in on the anchor player and the second phase will begin. This is the main gameplay loop where the world border slowly expands with a constant scale; 1/16 of a chunk per second; This means each world border expansion will take longer then the previous.

Any player can run the command "/trigger showtime" to show the time left until the next expansion. This will only show for the players that have triggered the command.

If the pack is loaded a second time, for example, via a server restart; the previous game should not be affected.
Server operators should run the command "/function world_expander:restart" instead to start over the beginning phase.

There is currently a bug in singleplayer that allows the border to continue shrinking/expanding while the game is paused. It wont really affect anything but just be aware if you pause during the first phase, it will appear a bit buggy. Vote for it here.

It's recommended to not use this pack on anything below 1.18 as world borders don't function properly across dimensions.

This pack is designed to be ran on fresh worlds, so be aware of items being wiped in the beginning.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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