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What is Planet Minecraft?
Planet Minecraft is a community website for sharing content, socializing and making friends. The website was launched in November of 2010 by Cyprezz and we've been growing ever since! We are an independent website run by an administrator, a developer and an amazing volunteer team of moderators who help keep this community safe, clean and fun.
Are you affiliated with Mojang the developers of Minecraft?
No, we are not affiliated with Mojang. We're an unofficial fan website that supports the creative community of the amazing game, Minecraft. If you need to contact Mojang support, click here.
Does PMC review servers?
No, do not give OP to someone claiming to be from PMC. This is a common tactic trolls use to cause grief on your server. Trust no one. XD


What is the Greenlight System?
The Greenlight system helps keep the community safe by reviewing new content prior to releasing it to the public. Low level members resource packs require review and approval. For this reason, it's even more important to follow the content guidelines & general site etiquette to speed up the Greenlight process.
What is Server MOTD Verification?
To post a server, you will need to verify ownership through MOTD verification. This involves putting a code given by the server page into your MOTD, restarting the server, and allowing the site to read the code to verify that you have console access to the server.
This verification system also removes any existing server posts that match your IP. This is the preferred method of taking ownership of a server if you are the new owner.


How do I report content?
Click on the nearest flag option to fill out a report form and submit it. Thanks!
How do I report members?
Visit their profile page, click the flag option on the member bar below their profile banner to fill out a report form.
How do I report moderators?
If you have a report to file against a moderator, please file a ticket or contact us. Moderators are human too, we all make mistakes.


What are moderators?
The moderators are volunteers who help keep the site clean, enforce our guidelines to the best of their abilities and aim to make this a fun place to be on the internet. You can see our current list of moderators on the site team page. They also must follow the rules on this page and are expected to set a good example for members to follow.
How do I become a moderator?
The only way to become a moderator on Planet Minecraft is to be an outstanding member. If you are a good member, reporting abusive or rule-breaking content and engaging with our community, you will be easily visible to the moderators as being a potential new recruit. Don't contact moderators asking to be one! We won't respond to those questions, as if you have to ask, you haven't read the rules!
How do I repeal a ban?
Please file a ticket.


How do I report a technical issue?
File a ticket and we will help resolve the issues.
How do I change my current username?
You can change your current username if you have an existing account.
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