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OG Survival Games Server with old maps. and win money?

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created 07/13/2019 11:25 pm by rrobincastle
Seems like all minecraft servers are pay to win for games no more skill involved it sucks, The OG survival Games isnt the same anymore with the kits and all the extra garbage they added. So I Thought why Dont I make a server like the old ones, So that what im doing now, ive started creating a server called "luxycraft". But I needed something else to make it more interesting so ive started developing a website plugin that connects to the specific minecraft game mode/lobby your in and records all the players and offers an interface to place bets,(real money) currency is held by the website to avoid fraud. With this system players will be able to place bets on certain outcomes not just on victories, and earn more money with higher chance of wining.

Server Will not be pay to win
Server will have

OG Survival Games

Competetive OG Survival games (each player has 10 placement matches and will be placed in a league that has other players of there skillset and can place bets once in higher tiers.)




Minigames like
-Cops and robbers
-More to come

What do you guys think? Interested? leave a comment if you want further updates im working on a website right now.
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